Note from our Executive Director: Mac N'Cheese Gala

Hello everyone,

We’d like to start by saying thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting the Campus Food Bank. Without the generous support of donors like you there’s no way we would be able to provide assistance to students in need. Your contributions make the work we do to alleviate food insecurity on campus possible.

It’s with regret that we’re contacting you today to tell you that the Campus Food Bank will be suspending this year’s Mac N’Cheese Gala due to low ticket sales. While we had a great outpouring of support from the campus community, we also had feedback that it’s a tough time of year to hold an event of this nature.

We do intend to hold the Mac N’Cheese Gala in the future. We plan to go back to the drawing board for the event and re-envision it to make sure it’s the most successful event it can be. We also need to re-evaluate the optimal time of year to hold the event.

We will be posting details for the next Mac N’Cheese Gala when we have them. Again thanks so much for your support and we’re sorry it didn’t work out this year. We hope you’ll join us in the future for an even more exciting version of the Mac N’Cheese Gala!


Cory Hodgson

Executive Director

Campus Food Bank