TRICK – or – trEAT


Registration for our 2016 Food Drive is now open!  Please click here for the registration form.

Trick-or-trEAT is an annual Halloween food drive that takes place on October 31st in the evening, from 6-9pm.  We target the areas of Garneau, Windsor Park, Belgravia, Queen Alexandra and McKernan in an effort to collect food donations from houses within our campus community. It is a great way to give back to your community and enjoy an evening of fun.

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We look for upwards of 150 one-time volunteers for this event! Volunteers are sent out to the participating communities in teams of 5 to collect donations.  There is also a raffle prize, hot beverages and refreshments while you are waiting to head out on your route, or to greet you upon your return. If you had ever thought of volunteering with the CFB but just did not have the time in your schedule, this is a great way to get involved with low commitment! Routes vary between 30 minutes to 2 hours in the evening of Monday, October 31st.


1) Door-to-Door Volunteer – The door-to-door volunteer will be responsible for the collection of donations from house to house. You will be placed into a group of five and given a route to complete.  There will be a number of transporters travelling the routes by vehicle. You will be provided these transporters’ contact information should you need assistance arriving at or returning from your route, as well as relieving you of your donations. For group and individual registrants.

2) Transporters – The transporter volunteers is expected to drive to the various routes given to them on the day of the event. They will be expected to relieve door-to-door volunteers of their donations as well as assisting them from arriving at and returning from their routes. This role will include two individuals per vehicle, one driver and one navigator/contact for Door-to-Door volunteers. For group and individual registrants.

3) Flyer Distributor- The flyer drop off volunteer will be contacted at least one week before the day of the event to distribute informational flyers to the various routes that will be used during the event. This position although, preliminary to the actual event, is essential to the overall success of the event. For individual registrants.

4) Sorter – The sorter volunteer will work with other volunteers to weigh, receive, and sort hundreds of donations that will be continuously sent during the course of the event. As donations can be quite heavy and will be arriving quite quickly, this position may be more physically demanding. For individual registrants.

All questions regarding volunteering for Trick-or-trEAT can be directed to


If you would like to participate in the Trick-or-trEAT event as a donor and cannot commit to volunteering, you can donate to our cause at any time. Check out our website at to find out all the ways to support our mission. If you would like to donate food on the evening of October 31 during the event and you live in one of the aforementioned communities, simply leave a bag of non-perishable food outside your door with a note stating that it is for the Campus Food Bank and our volunteers will swing by to pick it up! If you live elsewhere in the city, you can drop off food donations to our office in SUB 1-81 at any time.


If you would like to have your organization involved with this great event please contact Caitlin Phare, the Executive Director at We are always looking for sponsors to help out with Campus Food Bank events and Trick-or-trEAT is one of our largest and most recognized events of the year. We will happily advertise your name and logo on any promotional material for the event, at the event itself, and on our website. If you are interested in funding t-shirts for our volunteers, we will gladly display your logo on the back of the shirts.