What is WECAN?

The WECAN Food Basket Society is a non-profit organization that purchases bulk meat and produce, which individuals can purchase and pick up from depots across the Edmonton area. 

Members pay a small fee to participate, then pay for the number of orders they'd like each month. Items available vary from month to month.

All members of the UofA campus community are welcome to access this program through the Campus Food Bank!

What are the costs?

Yearly Membership Fee $5.00

(from March-April)

Meat Order (3 types of meat) $15.00 per monthly order

Produce Order (3 types of fruit and 3 types of vegetables) $10.00 per monthly order

When are payments due?

Your payment is due to the Campus Food Bank by the first Friday of the month for your order to be processed. We only accept cash payments for WECAN orders, however there are ATMs for most major banks just down the hall from our office in SUB.  

When do I receive my order?

Orders are to be picked up from the Campus Food Bank office (SUB 1-81) on the 3rd Thursday of the month from 12-6pm. 

Any orders that are not picked up that day will be given away to CFB clients, so it is very important to plan ahead to pick up your items before 6pm. 

Please see the WECAN 2020 Calendar (PDF at bottom of this page) for the THURSDAY Pick Up dates.

What dietary restrictions can be accommodated?


The only dietary accommodation that the WECAN baskets can adjust for is no pork in the meat orders. Order contents vary based on what produce and meat are available. 

How do I sign up?


Email or stop by the Campus Food Bank office (SUB 1-81) between 12-6pm weekdays. You will need to stop by our office with your cash payment in order to finish signing up.

Membership fees and order payments are due generally by the first Friday of the month. 

WECAN Full 2020 Calendar

WECAN 2020 Calendar (pdf)